Here at Claverach, we are small, sustainable farmers, so we gravitate towards wine made by likeminded farmers. 

We curate a selection of natural wines from around the globe (including Missouri!) for our clients.


By natural wines, we mean wines made with the least possible use of chemicals, additives, and technological trickery, both in the field and in the cellar. We can ship anywhere in Missouri. 



Claverach Wine Club is for adventurous drinkers who care about the environment and wish to expand their wine horizons. These aren't you're typical mass-produced, industrially-farmed wines. These are small-production wines made with sustainable-farming techniques that have a sense of place and vary vintage to vintage. 

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Our clients receive a box of six or 12 bottles of delicious, natural wine. You can order at any time. We provide detailed tasting notes on each wine, with info on the producer, region, growing techniques, and wine-making practices. Our goal is to help you discover new wines you love and also give you knowledge to help you navigate retail shops and restaurant wine lists.

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